Why settle for anything less than the best?Quite honestly, the best thing youve ever tasted!  Established in 1967, this Brooklyn NY Company sells product in over 1000 locations. From smoked sausages, scrapple, to kielbasa, chorizo and bacon we offer products with our loyal customers in mind
Originally built as a hot dog company, Arnold's is now known for it's sausages, scrapple and bacon.  With a great southern flavor and sage seasoning, our foods are guaranteed to make your mouth water!
Every great marriage has two people that consistently bring out the best in each other!  In the early 1970's Caroline's was created as the perfect compliment to Arnold's meats.  We can't wait for you to check out Caroline's sausages.
By popular request, we created the the "El Cerdito" Brand.  The Brand encompasses the traditional flavors of Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Spain.  A great compliment to any meal!
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